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Based on the Libraries AP:

Objectives and scope

The main objectives of this application profile are:

  • Provide the means to represent meta(meta-*)data provenance.
  • Provide the means to distinguish between provenance information and metadata provenance.
  • Simple solution and easy to adopt

Target users

The main users for this application profile will be:

  • Content providers: Who publish provenance information and want to attach additional provenance metadata for it.
  • Users: who want to distinguish from the provenance published by several sources and analyze it.

Functional Requirements

Entity-Relational Model

Summarize the work done in

Also, update it with the work done in the paper.

Mapping to other terms/vocabularies

Summarize some of the work done in along with the updates done in the paper. In the future we wil have to write down the relation between the domain model and the PIL.

Usage guidelines

How should a content provider publish metadata provenance with our domain model? The Pubby example is a nice starting point: Usage Guidelines

Encoding syntax guidelines

(This is optional) TBD


Either summarize/refer to the use cases or point to the rdf example provided by Kai in the paper.

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