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How to participate in the DC-Provenance Task Group

Regarding the membership in the group, wiki and mailing list, we have adopted the following policy (based on general DCMI practice):

  1. Everybody is invited to join the mailing list and can communicate with the task-group via this way. This is at the same time the preferred way of communication.
  2. All results of the group work will be published in the wiki, which is publicly accessible.
  3. Edit rights in the wiki are only provided for task-group members.
  4. Everyone is invited to apply for a task-group membership. You can do this simply by writing an email to one of the task-group leaders. Please introduce yourself shortly, describe your background and indicate, why you want to become a member of this task-group and what kind of contributions you are willing to make.
  5. We expect every member to take part in the group communication and telephone conferences at a regular basis and to be able to invest a significant amount of time to contribute to the task-group (about 0.5 work-days per week).
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