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Face-2-Face Meetiing and Workshop in Pittsburgh

The workshop belongs to the Dublin Core conference in Pittsburgh. It will take place on Wednesday, October 20th, 1:30 PM (Time changed!!!) in Break-out room #4, Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh.


Preliminary Agenda

Metadata Provenance Task Group Workshop / DC-2010

First session

Short presentations

  1. on goals and motivation of DC-Provenance Task Group (10 Min)
    1. separation of data and content
  2. of current work done by the W3C Provenance Incubator Group (15 Min)
    1. user requirements for news aggregator scenario
    2. gap analysis, and possibilities for DCMI to contribute
  3. past work at DCMI (10 min)
  4. DCMIs role and relevance in addressing problems of (metadata) provenance (45 min)
    1. Preliminary definition of metadata provenance in the Dublin Core context
    2. Initial presentation of some typical metadata provenance scenarios (?)
  5. Short discussion about why people are there and what they are interested in, to feed breakout sessions (5 min)
    1. Rationale for and expected outcome of breakout sessions
Second session

Breakout sessions around areas of interests

  • Workshop organizers should try steer discussions towards common problems that might result in to crystallization of use cases (45 min)
  • Reporting back discussions to combined group; identify use cases that might form the basis of user requirements for application profile (45 min)
    • Basis for work plan of Task Group
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