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Jan 19th 2011


Kai, Michael, Daniel, Ömer


  • [16:12] <michaelp2> Topic: Further discussions on the metadata provenance vocabulary
  • [16:14] <michaelp2> Michael: Going back to brainstorming document, should we start a survey of existing handling of data provenance in other metadata formats?
  • [16:15] <michaelp2> Kai: We have to keep it simple. Stick with Dublin Core, and use the other vocabs only to see if something is missing. Other standards are other use cases,.
  • [16:19] <michaelp2> Michael: Two aspects: a standard is a use case and expression of requirements, as wll as a source of ideas.
  • [16:21] <michaelp2> … If we stick to DC as a touchstone, what about Diane Hillman's concerns about reusing DC properties for metametadata?
  • [16:21] <michaelp2> Kai: Cleaner to reuse; distinction of metadata and metametadata is arbitrary.
  • [16:22] <michaelp2> … Everything is a resource, metadata is a resource for our purposes like every other resource.
  • [16:36] <@kai_> Question: Are there examples where DC is used for provenance in general?
  • [16:45] <michaelp2> Kai: Let's finish the domain model as a published draft.
  • [16:47] <michaelp2> … Then try to test on use cases:
  • [16:47] <michaelp2> Michael: Many out there thnaks to LLD XG and Prov XG
  • [16:55] <michaelp2> Kai: Start with OPM(V); than OAI-PMH. Let's think about what can be expressed with these vocabs what cannot be expressed with our approach.
  • [16:58] <michaelp2> ACTION: Michael to finish a new draft of the model with pseudo-RDF example.
  • [16:58] <michaelp2> ACTION: Daniel to look at OPMV
  • [16:59] <michaelp2> ACTION: Kai to look at OAI-PHM
  • [17:00] <@kai_> Ömer: OAI-ORE
  • [17:00] <@kai_> Kai:
  • [17:00] <michaelp2> ACTION: Ömer to look at OAI-ORE
  • [17:02] <michaelp2> Kai: Let's also think about doing a paper for DC-2011
  • [17:03] <michaelp2> Kai: Meeting adjourned.
  • [17:03] <michaelp2> Michael: What he said …:-)
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