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Michael, Kai, Daniel, Ömer


  • [17:09] <@kaiec> Topic: ORE Example (Ömer)
  • [17:09] <@kaiec> ORE is resource centric in contrast to PMH
  • [17:10] <@kaiec> ORE is somewhat fuzzy for us, as it is not clear where the line between metadata and metametadata is
  • [17:11] <@kaiec> The example is used to illustrate further details
  • [17:14] <@kaiec> The example first describes an article which is an aggregation of an abstract, postscript and pdf
  • [17:15] <@kaiec> Title and Creator is given for the article
  • [17:30] <@kaiec> ResourceMap has to be something like a graph in RDF
  • [17:32] <@kaiec> In plain RDF it is something empty, because statements about the aggregation are assigned to the aggregation
  • [17:32] <@kaiec> But it can be used for provenance statements
  • [17:32] <@kaiec> ResourceMap can be seen like DCAM description set
  • [17:41] <@kaiec> Regarding named graphs and self reference: E.g. p. 8
  • [17:51] <@kaiec> ACTION: Michael adds further examples and graphs to the ORE use case
  • [17:51] <@kaiec> ACTION: Ömer cleans it up and extends it to the next week
  • [17:52] <@kaiec> Next topic: Bachelor thesis
  • [17:55] <@kaiec> Proposed title: Crosswalks towards the First evaluations of the preliminray DCMI Metadata Provenance Model.
  • [18:04] <@kaiec> The group agrees with the bachelor thesis topic
  • [18:04] <@kaiec> ACTION: Further rework of the documentation on the domain model.
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