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Kai, Michael, Ömer, Daniel


  • All: Review Domain model
  • Use-Case Maintainers: Extend and clean up your cases


  • [17:09] <@Daniel> Review of the Use Cases
  • [17:10] <@michaelp2> Topic: Another look at OAI-ORE
  • [17:47] <@michaelp2> Michael: Main problem for me: What is decription set, what is annotation set
  • [17:47] <@michaelp2> … and: how to deal with reflexivity built inti the ORE resource map.
  • [17:50] <@michaelp2> Kai: Conceptually, we have to split ReM-1 triples into Annotation Set vs. Description Set.
  • [17:51] <@michaelp2> … ReM-1 contains both annotation and description (metadata) information.
  • [18:01] <@michaelp2> … Can in the crosswalk the URI <ReM-1> be reused?
  • [18:01] <@michaelp2> Michael: No. ReM-1 is both a description and annotation set in our interpretation.
  • [18:09] <@michaelp2> … or: contains both triples that belong to a description and that belong to an annotation.
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