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Michael, Kai, Daniel, Ömer


  • [17:08] <kaiec> Michael: It is ready for publication, lets publish it
  • [17:14] <kaiec> We need an illustrating example in RDF with graph visualization
  • [17:14] <kaiec> ACTION: Michael will do it
  • [17:16] <kaiec> Example will be ready until weekend
  • [17:16] <kaiec> Michael will write a mail to the group so we can review it
  • [17:17] <kaiec> If no further concerns are raised, we publish the model on the mailing list at the beginning of next week.
  • [17:17] <kaiec> The model itself is considered as frozen right now, so Ömer can rely on it for his thesis.
  • [17:36] <DGarijo> hi I dropped from the call
  • [17:36] <DGarijo> could you please call me again?
  • [17:47] <kaiec> ACTION: Kai will clean up the namespace section in the domain model (get rid of it)
  • [17:48] <kaiec> ACTION: Michael changes the UML graph and changes the namespaces to prefixes above the names: (DCAM), (DCPROV)
  • [17:54] <kaiec> ACTION: Michael writes triples in the wiki
  • [17:54] <kaiec> ACTION: All rework the example
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