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  • Michael, Daniel
  • Kai (only at the end)


  • 11:23 DGarijo discussion about the project report
  • 11:24 DGarijo deadline: friday - monday to have a first “readable version” of the paper.
  • 11:25 DGarijo at least on the specific sections
  • 11:28 → kaiec has joined dcprov
  • 11:40 DGarijo we will only add oai-pmh example as example for the report
  • DGarijo after the rdf implementation section
  • 11:43 DGarijo new graph for the oai-pmh example
  • DGarijo it is more complex now, but it illustrates better the use case
  • 11:48 ← DGarijo has disconnected (Quit: Page closed)
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