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Michael, Daniel, Kai


  • [17:13] <@michaelp> Agenda: Assembling metadata provenance element vocab recommendation: how to move forward?
  • [17:28] <@michaelp> Kai: First priority is getting ready for the conference. Ask people what approach they would like us to take.
  • [17:30] <@michaelp> Michael: Three approaches on the table: 1. Reuse any element that people use. It becomes metadata provenance by lieu of being in a annotation graph
  • [17:32] <@michaelp> … 2. Reuse Dublin Core entirely with established semantics. DC is already resource-agnostic. Specify additional terms from other vocab.
  • [17:34] <@michaelp> Kai: We could select DC terms that are recommended, and some the use of which is discouraged.
  • [17:35] <@michaelp> … Question: Should we propose additional terms? From other vocabs?
  • [17:40] <@michaelp> Michael: Can we relate DC terms to terms from other vocabs? Ex: void:subset subproperty dct:isPartOf
  • [17:45] <@michaelp> ACTION: Re-familiarize ourselves with DC terms, add recommended terms, add new terms as abstract requirements (P1, P2, P3, …)
  • [17:47] <@michaelp> ACTION: Whip the wiki into shape (so that it looks more like an AP); bring it in line with the DC paper.
  • [17:52] <@michaelp> ACTION: Michael to set up the wiki page; DC-Ed and Libraries AP as model.
  • [17:53] <@michaelp> ACTION: Kai to start creating poster
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