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Kai, Daniel, Tom, Michael


  • [17:07] == kai_ [bc6e6cc6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dcprov
  • [17:07] <kai_> Tom: Summarizing UNC Meeting with Corey and Jane
  • [17:08] <kai_> Tom: Tom and Kai agree to base DCAM on RDF
  • [17:08] <kai_> Tom: Others might disagree
  • [17:12] <kai_> … connections to LoC and RDA community. We should keep in mind what they are doing.
  • [17:13] <dgarijo> Kai: heard that there is movement in german libraries towards rda and linked data
  • [17:16] <dgarijo> Kai: what we do with DCAM and RDF?
  • [17:16] <dgarijo> *what do we do
  • [17:17] <dgarijo> Kai: How to deal with them without any compatibilty problems. Would the formulation of RDF hurt another people that don't care about the RDF
  • [17:29] <dgarijo> Michael joined—small update
  • [17:30] <kai_> Compatibility issues: Statement definition in DCAM vs. RDF, Vocabulary Encoding Schemes vs. SKOS, Description Sets vs. Named Graphs, Named Graphs just being developed
  • [17:30] <dgarijo> Kai, Tom: there is a need to make DCAM RDF compatible. DCterms is already available and widely used in RDF.


Tom sends a Doodle on dc-architecture for a telco before christmas. Topic: DCAM reformulation in RDF. Foster discussions on dc-architecture.

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