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Kai, Tom, Daniel, Aaron

Summary, Actions

  • From now on, provenance calls will be biweekly, probably intertwined with calls of the DCMI architecture forum regarding the new DCAM.
  • DC-Provenance will focus on the creation of a mapping between PROV and DC. We will have a close look at the approach for
  • Some meta work is required: Goal is to establish (and document) processes incorprating github as versioning and tracking system that allow us to efficiently develop and publish all sorts of results, like mapping ontologies, documents, …


  • [17:16] <dgarijo> Kai: summary of the w3c f2f meeting discussions
  • [17:21] <dgarijo> Kai: as a summary, the w3c Prov group wants to support “scruffy provenance”, and simplify the model.
  • [17:21] <dgarijo> Tom: agrees, in fact some of the comments I did to the model was about that respect.
  • [17:21] <dgarijo> Kai: some of the discussions were similar to the ones taken place in Dc
  • [17:23] <dgarijo> Kai: the new way of “understanding” is the ontology
  • [17:23] <dgarijo> Kai: in DCAM we could do the same thing
  • [17:24] <dgarijo> … start with the ontology, then the spec documents
  • [17:25] <dgarijo> … new activity: mapping between prov-o and DC/ Dcterms
  • [17:25] <dgarijo> … Kai and Daniel involved in this task
  • [17:35] <dgarijo> Kai: we can include the metadata provenace model in the mapping task,
  • [17:36] <dgarijo> Kai: however there are still tasks remaining to do about metadata provenance (use cases, new properties, etc.)
  • [17:37] <dgarijo> … with the mapping task we could address part of this, since they have all the use cases.
  • [17:37] <dgarijo> … proposes beweekly DCAM telecons
  • [17:41] <dgarijo> Aaron: question about the mapping: Is it a 1 to one mapping?
  • [17:42] <dgarijo> Kai: from the prov working group they are very open to the result of this work
  • [17:43] <dgarijo> Kai: I'd like to have some implementations also.
  • [17:45] <dgarijo> Kai: Dc is designed more as a scruffy provenance than proper provenance
  • [17:45] <dgarijo> … for real applications that is what is most commonly used
  • [17:46] <dgarijo> Tom: loves the difference between scruffy and proper
  • [17:48] <dgarijo> … people who use the standards have a much more complex view of the world (i.e., in FRBR people have manifestations, expressions, etc).
  • [17:48] <dgarijo> … if you have a complicated model you need to have this scruffy model interoperability
  • [17:49] <dgarijo> … because of the interpretations made by people over the same model.
  • [17:49] <dgarijo> … in practice is what works better.
  • [17:50] <dgarijo> … a lot of
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