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Minutes 2010/08/25

Participants: Kai Eckert, Michael Panzer, Diane Hillmann, Daniel Garijo

  • ACTION: Add relevant literature on metametata to the wiki (Wiki-Page: References)
  • ACTION: Add participants list to the wiki (Done: Participants)
  • ACTION: Put agenda together for Pittsburgh meeting of task group
  • ACTION: Try to shift DC-2010 workshop to the two afternoon slots
  • (16:09:39) kaiec: Topic: Introduction of participants
  • (16:19:24) DGarijo: The link to the dublin core mapping:
  • (16:21:06) DGarijo: the mappings are to OPM, and using SKOS
  • (16:21:11) DGarijo: SKOS vocabulary
  • (16:22:30) michaelp: Diane: ACore is a good lesson on how not do create a provenance vocab.
  • (16:23:08) michaelp: … The approach was very much limited to a library viewpoint.
  • (16:24:08) michaelp: …the technology changed while the approach was underway, so DC pulled the plug eventually.
  • (16:25:22) michaelp: … We have to be careful about using DC properties at a different level. When you do that, properties change their definition, so they become something different.
  • (16:28:06) michaelp: … Basic structure of provenance: Who said it? (Human or application?)
  • (16:28:17) michaelp: … How did they do it? (Methodology)
  • (16:32:37) michaelp: Kai: How do we relate our work to the work of the Provenance XG?
  • (16:32:57) michaelp: … We have a practical focus: producing an application profile.
  • (16:33:35) michaelp: Diane: We have to take a modular approach. Don't include everything in Dublin Core.
  • (16:34:52) michaelp: Michael: We have to start with a clear understanding of what we mean with provenance/meta-metadata.
  • (16:35:55) michaelp: Diane: DCAM is being reevaluated. We have to take this into consideration.
  • (16:36:31) michaelp: … We have to keep it relatively simple.
  • (16:36:34) michaelp: 1+
  • (16:37:25) DGarijo: +1
  • (16:37:31) michaelp: Diane: We have to build something that people can actually use rather than a perfect vocabulary or technology.
  • (16:38:05) michaelp: Kai: I think most of the technology is already there.
  • (16:38:28) michaelp: … What is still needed is just an agreement how to use this technology, e.g. names graphs.
  • (16:39:58) michaelp: Kai: In contrast to Provenance XG, we try to work out “simple” requirements, like identifying a single description statement
  • (16:40:12) michaelp: … and attach prov. information to this.
  • (16:41:04) michaelp: Diane: Existing work should be linked in the Wiki
  • (16:41:36) michaelp: ACTION: Add relevant literature on metametata to the wiki
  • (16:43:16) michaelp: Daniel: Are we trying to build a new vocabulary or are we reusing an existing one?
  • (16:44:10) michaelp: Kai: As far as possible, we should try not to build a new vocabulary.
  • (16:50:00) michaelp: Diane: When we follow the Singapore Framework, vocabulary building/selection comes at the end, after collecting requirements and use cases.
  • (16:55:16) kaiec: ACTION: Add participants list to the wiki
  • (16:56:09) kaiec: We have scheduled a task-group meeting during the Dublin Core conference in Pittsburgh. It will take place on Wednesday, October 20th, 9:00 AM in Break-out room #4, Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh.
  • (16:57:10) michaelp: ACTION: Put agenda together for Pittsburgh meeting of task group
  • (17:00:29) michaelp: Michael: We could present initial use cases.
  • (17:01:09) michaelp: … and functional req distilled from those UC.
  • (17:01:30) michaelp: Kai: We should do short presentations on exsiting work.
  • (17:07:17) michaelp: Diane: It could be a problem that the meeting is opposite to the first tutorial and the Registry and Community and Task Group
  • (17:08:00) michaelp: Kai: We could extend it to the whole day.
  • (17:08:13) michaelp: Diane: Don't do that. Try to focus.
  • (17:08:15) michaelp: +1
  • (17:11:31) michaelp: ACTION: Try to shift DC-2010 workshop to the two afternoon slots
  • (17:12:08) michaelp: Topic: Next teleconference
  • (17:15:32) michaelp: Michael: Let's aim for the 11 EST
  • (17:15:52) michaelp: Next week, September 1st
  • (17:16:47) michaelp: Agenda: Work out agenda/topics for task group workshop
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