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Michael, Kai, Daniel


  • 10:05 Joining chat room…
  • Started talking in dcprov on Wednesday 6/22/2011 10:05:38 AM
  • Started talking in dcprov on Wednesday 6/22/2011 10:05:38 AM
  • 10:26 michaelp2 Topic: Reviews of DC paper
  • michaelp2 Michael: Paper was accepted (Poster, too). Accepted as full paper.
  • 10:31 michaelp2 Kai: First review wants to expand on use cases; more RDF
  • 10:32 michaelp2 … ACTION: Add additional RDF example. Section 5 would be sec 6.
  • 10:33 michaelp2 Michael: Motivate OAI-PMH better as an alternative, non-RDF, real-life example.
  • michaelp2 Daniel: We could add Pubby as an RDF example
  • 10:37 michaelp2 … OPM-V is an alternative model, but not ready for prime time.
  • 10:38 michaelp2 Michael: Also, we try to show adding prov to RDF, not an alternative model for capturing provenance.
  • 10:44 DGarijo Kai: Split the Pubby example in 2: first describe the description Set, then introduce the annotations and the first layer
  • 10:45 DGarijo Kai: remove the second layer, since it may confusing for some people at the beggining
  • 10:46 DGarijo michael: discuss about the named graphs vs reification (scalability, cite the next steps rdf, etc)
  • 11:08 michaelp2 Daniel: Please take a look at RDF example on wiki; named graphs issues; statements about a graph inside a graph.
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