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Minutes 2010/09/15

Participants: Kai Eckert, Michael Panzer, Diane Hillmann

  • ACTION: Put in writing our motivation for starting Task Group (as proto-UC)
  • michaelp2: What I had in mind for today was mainly organizational.
  • DianeHillmann: Well, that's fine, but I'm not sure I need to be a witness to that?
  • michaelp2: I wanted to rope you in for a specific favor …
  • DianeHillmann: Well, I had in mind to write a short use case based on the stuff I had put up in the wiki, but I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to do that
  • DianeHillmann: okay, spill it
  • michaelp2: We all (at least Kai and me) would benefit a lot from a short introduction on “how to put together an application profile 101” …
  • michaelp2: Perhaps by going through an example of an existing profile.
  • michaelp2: Would you be game perhaps talking about the process in one of the next weeks?
  • DianeHillmann: oy, that's kind of difficult at the moment, but certainly the getting started stuff is pretty solid, still I think the difficulty has been that there are problems with most of the extant APs, though SWAP did the documentation very well, mostly
  • michaelp2: Tom tried to clarify / demystify, but I could need more of that.
  • michaelp2: Diane: Beginning stages: Gathering use cases, creating functional requirements.
  • michaelp2: … Making sure that you are constantly folding in the results of these processes.
  • michaelp2: … Check Emma Tonkin's paper for DC-2010 about SWAP.
  • michaelp2: Diane: Really complex model, not a whole lot of buy-in in the community.
  • michaelp2: … Compare to DC-Education AP.
  • michaelp2: … especially at the use cases.
  • michaelp2: … Takeaway bit here is the modularity. You don't have to include everything in the AP.
  • michaelp2: … UCs and functional req's are important. The fuzziness comes in for the technical bits.
  • michaelp2: Michael: At one point, we have to make recommendations how it really works technically (RDF, Named Graphs, etc.)
  • michaelp2: Diane: But it cannot work only in RDF!
  • michaelp2: … The one true path is never gonna happen.
  • michaelp2: Topic: Agenda for the next couple weeks
  • michaelp2: Michael: Let's meet in two weeks and talk look at what is ready for Pittsburgh
  • michaelp2: … and talk about News Aggregator Use Case of the Provenance XG
  • michaelp2: Diane: It would good to record and publish that discussion on wiki/mailing list.
  • michaelp2: Michael: This will tell us a lot about scope/out-of-scope for our endeavor.
  • michaelp2: Kai: Can we move up the time of telecon?
  • michaelp2: Michael: We'll try for the next telecon.
  • michaelp2: ACTION: Put in writing our motivation for starting Task Group (as proto-UC)
  • michaelp2: Kai: We should take more of these discussions on the mailing list.
  • michaelp2: Diane: +1
  • michaelp2: Thanks!
  • michaelp2: Meeting adjourned.
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