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Minutes 2010/10/06

Participants: Kai Eckert, Michael Panzer, Daniel Garijo

  • ACTION: Write email to Chris Bizer (Kai) –DONE
  • ACTION: Three slides with voiceover for workshop presentation (Michael) –CONTINUED
  • ACTION: Add examples to provisional definition of metadata provenance (Michael) –CONTINUED
  • michaelp: Ömer: Student in Mannheim. Bachelor thesis perhaps on data provenance.
  • michaelp: Topic: Housekeeping
  • michaelp: ACTION: Write email to Chris Bizer (Kai) –DONE
  • michaelp: Kai: Chris is not involved in RDF Next Steps, but refered me to Olaf Hartig.
  • michaelp: … Next RDf version in maybe 2-3 years.
  • michaelp: … The tutorial has best-practice recommendation for provenance metadata in the sense of discrimination between resource and data description.
  • michaelp: … Achieved with data vs. resource URIs
  • michaelp: … In this solution, metadata is not tightly coupled with the resource.
  • michaelp: s/metadata/provenance metadata/
  • michaelp: Michael: Olaf has contributed prov. use cases to the Provenance XG.
  • DGarijo: he has also developed a Provenance Vocabulary for Linked Data resources
  • michaelp: Capture today's discussion about scope and definition as Google Docs and on mailing list. (Kai) –CONTINUED
  • michaelp: ACTION: Three slides with voiceover for workshop presentation (Michael) –CONTINUED
  • michaelp: ACTION: Add examples to provisional definition of metadata provenance (Michael) –CONTINUED
  • michaelp: Daniel: W3C Prov XG has talked about provisioal definition.
  • michaelp: s/provisioal/provisional
  • michaelp: Last week's take: Metadata provenance is information about the data aspect of a piece of metadata that is independent of the domain model of the resources described by the original piece of metadata.
  • DGarijo: The “provisional” definition: Provenance of a resource is a record that describes entities and processes involved in producing and delivering or otherwise influencing that resource. Provenance provides a critical foundation for assessing authenticity, enabling trust, and allowing reproducibility. Provenance assertions are a form of contextual metadata and can themselves become important records with their own provenance.
  • michaelp: Kai: Most promising seems to pursue a better distinction between domain-independent and domain-specific metadata.
  • michaelp: … Question is: Do I express a particular piece of information through metametadata outside of the data model or inside the data model?
  • michaelp: … i.e. as regular metadata.
  • michaelp: Topic: Compare News Aggregator Scenario (W3C Provenance XG State of the Art Report) to metadata provenance definition
  • michaelp: [Introduction to scenario]
  • michaelp: What is relevant to our charter? Where is metadata provenance vs. provenance in general in this scenario?
  • michaelp: Daniel: Is the creator human or a machine? This seems to be metametadata about the person.
  • michaelp: <Creator> a <Process> .
  • michaelp: Who made it?
  • michaelp: When was it made?
  • michaelp: What is my confidence/quality level?
  • michaelp: What are the timeliness contraints?
  • michaelp: What was the data source that I acquired from?
  • michaelp: I would make the distinction that metadata provenance is always about an information resource.
  • michaelp: Kai: But: I a lot of cases it is not obvious what kind I should use: domain metadata or metadata provenance metadata.
  • michaelp: … Especially when I want to add a piece that gives account of reuse (that doesn't change the original data at all, is totally external).
  • michaelp: Michael: Content modfier in News aggregator scenario: The act of manipulation of the CC license should fit into our def. of metadata prov.
  • michaelp: … Metadata is changed here.
  • michaelp: Kai: That depends on how your domain model is build.
  • michaelp: Michael: I agree. This is a boxing issue! The lines are drawn at will.
  • michaelp: Kai: In the News aggregator scenario, the tracking of this kind of info might be part of the domain model, part of the original metadata.
  • michaelp: … not external to the data that flows in this use case.
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