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Daniel, Ömer, Michael, Kai


  • 11:16 michaelp2 Topic: Announcements
  • michaelp2 Michael: DC-2011, paper and poster proposal was submitted
  • michaelp2 Kai: Workshop proposal as well.
  • 11:21 michaelp2 Daniel: Provenance WG had their first telco last Thursday. I am in the task force for mapping existing prov vocab to the new Prov Interchange Language.
  • michaelp2 Topic: Next steps, use cases
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  • 11:25 michaelp2 Michael: My general sense for next steps is 1. extract relevant properties from vocabularies that are in scope 2. cluster them 3. select elements for element vocabulary 4. look for gaps by comparing use cases
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  • 11:27 michaelp2 Kai: I think we have a great use case for RDF graphs. We have to emphasize this statement and probably can go with plain DC for the concrete elements.
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  • 11:36 michaelp2 Michael: I think we could really go both ways. look at it in terms of a standard AP and cobble an element vocab together; or see it as an extension of the DC core (DCAM) and find a different outlet to formulate it that is not an AP.
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  • 11:43 michaelp2 SWAP
  • michaelp2 DC-ED
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  • 11:50 michaelp2 Kai: I am not sure that we have to do the same work; perhaps we don't want to change definitions. We have the context of metadata, which the context of Dublin Core in general.
  • 11:56 michaelp2 Michael: I think our context is narrower, it is 'metada' provenance. So, at least, we have to refine defitions, like for creator: “Entity responsible for creating the metadata statement about the resource.”
  • 11:58 DGarijo ACTION: (ALL) Read the library application profile
  • 12:00 michaelp2 ACTION: Finish example (Daniel)
  • 12:02 michaelp2 Michael: Meeting adjourned
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