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Kai, Daniel, Michael


  • [17:07] == kai_ [869b245e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dcprov
  • [17:15] <kai_> Topic: Work an an AP, compared to DC LIb Profile
  • [17:15] <kai_> EntityRelationshipModel: Basically description of our domain model, almost done.
  • [17:16] <kai_> DescriptionSetProfile: Will be based on our evaluation of necessary properties. Doable.
  • [17:16] <michaelp2> Michael: I like Library AP, especially the way functional reqs are captured by providing concise UC descriptions.
  • [17:16] <kai_> FunctionalRequirements: To be done, but would be valuable
  • [17:16] <kai_> PropertiesToFrbr: Instead we could map to PIL, if it is available
  • [17:17] <@DGarijo> List of TO DO things: Objectives, Target Users, Functional Requirements, Mapping to other terms/vocabularies, Usage guidelines, Encoding syntax guidelines, Examples
  • [17:22] <kai_> Goal: Put a AP on the wiki like the DC Lib AP until DC conference (September)
  • [17:31] <michaelp2> ACTION: Michael to find a DC-compatible way to claim a namespace URI
  • [17:36] <@DGarijo> ACTION: Kai to send an email to DC General requesting the namespace
  • [17:36] <kai_> ACTION: Kai aks on DC-General about the namespace issue
  • [17:36] <@DGarijo> ACTION: Daniel to add the wiki page with the application profile
  • [17:41] <michaelp2> ACTION: Create wiki page for provenance-related terms from other vocabs
  • [17:55] <michaelp2> Meeting adjounred
  • [17:56] == DGarijo [501cad2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  • [18:10] == michaelp2 [] has left #dcprov []
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